Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

TP1. Alexander the Great was a great military genius because he conquered many empiresTP2.He was a great war leader because he never lost a battleTP3.He was a genius military leader becaue he used genius military tactics in order to win battles

Topic sentence

Alexander the Great was one of the best and greastest military leaders who ever lived


evidence 2


1.Sometimes he and his army wouldn't even have to fight to take over their empire2. Most empires were afraid to even dare fight back or challenge him3.He would trick military leaders in order to be victorious in battle

1.He and his army took over the almighty persian empire2.He and his army took over a bunch of countries we know now3.He and his army took over an empire that claimed they were "unconquerable"(tyre empire)

Evidence 1

1.He would take the route against armies that no one would expect2. He tricked Porus’s army so he could have the upper hand in battle 3.He used Porus’s battle elephants against his own army


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