Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great

He was a phycopathic killer because he was extremely brutal since:-He destroyed Thebes for revolting against his command.-He captured and enslaved a lot of the people of conquered nations.-He killed thousands of people of conquered nations.

He was a villain because he neglected to designate a royal heir.- He held out his hand with a ring he had worn, and said ¨to the strongest¨.-This led much chaos after his death, since everyone wanted the crown.-The empire was broken up because of his inability to designate a heir.-The empire eventually crumbled.

He was not Great because he was too harsh with his soldiers since:-He did not let them rest and go home to their families after 11 years of battle.-He exhausted his soldiers and they didnt want to return to battle once they got a break.-He became furious with them since he was not able to conquer the entire world. He then in theory died of a broken heart :(

Alexander The Great VILLAIN

Alexander the The Self-Absorbed Psycopathic Killer

Alexander the Great was a phsycopathic self-absorbed killer because he was brutal towards everyone, and caused his empire to crumble after his death.


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