Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great

Alexander wanted to have control over the world.1.Those who surrendered quickly to Alexander were often showed mercy and genorsity. 2.The Phoenician towns of Gaza and Tyre refused to listen to Alexander the Great and after a while eight thousands enemy soldiers were slaughtered , two thousands Tyrian soldiers were crucified ,remaining women and children were sold into slavery, and the ancient cities were totally destroyed3. He wanted to bring all of the kingdom of Earth under one form of government and to make the nation of mankind

He was blinded with the power he had gained.1. Alexander was interested in integrating the Empire instead of doing more conquering 2.Alexander led his army to conquer India and after taking the Indus River Valley Alexander's troops begged him to return home after 11 years away from their homes while conquering the empire 3. Alexander had chased Darius III but then he escaped and ran into one of his satraps that kills Darius III, after the satrap did that Alexander then killed the satrap.

Alexander had created this fear that made anyone show respect to him.1. At the age of 33 using only his men and horses, Alexander had placed almost a million square miles under his control2. Greek knowledge, culture, and customs were spread throughout much of the ancient world, this was all because of Alexander of the Great3.Alexander and his army of Greeks were victorious

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Alexander the psychopathic self-absorbed killer


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