Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Alexander's father was Philip II of Macedon. He ruled the Macedon Empire and was considered a great leader. His son was Alexander the Great and was born on 356 BCE. He became king of the Macedonian Empire after his father died on 336 BCE. It was 334 BCE that he started his military campaigns. He extended the Macedonian's Empire to the Middle East, across the Persia, to edge of India, and south to Egypt. In Egypt he made the city of Alexandria on 331 BCE because he was greatly praised there. He died on 323 BCE from ten days of high fever. There were theories claiming that he died from poison, but were never proven.


Alexander conquered from Europe to India to Egypt.He was tudored by Aristotle and learned to fight and ride a horse by Leonidas.He was resposible for spreading Greek culture and language and starting the Hellenistic age.

Lasting Impact

Because of Alexander, Greek language and culture has spread all over Europe, Asia, and many other places.


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356BCE- Alexander is born343BCE- Alexander is tudored by Aristotle336BCE- Alexander's father dies and becomes king334BCE- Alexander begins his military campaigns333BCE- Alexander is victorious over Darius III from Persia331BCE- Alexander founds Alexandria in Egypt323BCE- Alexander dies


Fun Facts

He was supposedly related to the Greek heroes Achilles from his mother's side and Hercules from his father's side.He never lost a battle.He tamed a horse named Bucephalus when he was a child. It was his primary horse until it died. Alexander named a city in India after that horse.

Alexander the Great

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