Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

BiographyAlexander the Great wasn't exactly "Great". So destroying the persian empire is great? Absoluetly not! How can he be considered great if mostly all he did was destroy and kill people who didn't deserve to be killed. It is clear that Alexander should be called Alexander the Psychopathic Self Absorebed killer.

Alexander the Great shold be known as Alexander the Psychopathic Self Absorbed Killer. To begin with, he slaughtered the soilders that disobeyed him. Secondly, he destroyed the children along with the women and sold them. Thirdly, he destroyed the ancient cities. In conclusion, Akexander is far from being great.

Psychopathic self absorbed killer perfectly describes Alexander the great. Starting with, In document 4 it says “ The prophet had explained that… he should not allow the head that had worn the royal headband to be safe". On the other hands, he tried to kill Darius III but the solider killed him instead so he killed the soldierFinally, tyrian soldiers were crucified. It's clear to see, that Alexander had no good intentions.

Did it ever occur that maybe Alexander the Great wasnt so great after all? First off, he destroyed the Persian Empire. Futhermore, he seeked to Ransack Asia like a robber ruin it. All in all, Alexander is not worthly of being called Alexander "The Great".

By:Autumn Easter

Alexander The Psychopathic Self Absorebed Killer


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