Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Alexander was born in july 20,356 b.c, in pella his farther had four wives, and alexander was the youngest child his mother made sure that alexander became king she killed everyone that stood over and control many places and territory. He did not care about anybody not even the people that fought for him .

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Alexander the great was a physco pathic killer. since he already had a desput with darisu, because he wanted to share the land that they both conquered, however alexander did not like the fact of shaing land. so he ended up killing Darius the Parisian kings but when one of the straps killed him becfore him Alexander came and killed the starap that killed Darius, cause he wanted to kill Darius himself, he wanted the glory to him slef.

Alexander the great is a physcopathic kiler, becasue he he went to the extent of naming all the city-states after him “Alexandria".He was so upsest with powe that he wanted his legacy to live on so he went on by naming the states after him.

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Alexander the great is a physcopatic killer

while he was conquering India, he met with the Brahman's to learn the culture and the way of Hinduism, and then, after he got what he wanted he then presumed he would execute the Brahmans.

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alexander never did care about his army at all. Because after 11 years of fighting his army wanted to go home they were tired and did not see their wives and children for years. Alexander told them you signed up to rule the world this is not the world we will keep fighting.

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