[2015] Giulia Jam (Period 2): Alexander the Great

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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[2015] Giulia Jam (Period 2): Alexander the Great

Who was Alexander?Alexander was a 20 year old man who created a colossal empire. He got good luck and conquered lots of Asia.

Why are there so many cities named after Alexander? He probably wanted to be remember.

Alexander the Great


Alexander got to India and then his tried army went back to Greece. He never made it, died at age 33, in Babylon. His body was buried in Egpyt.

The video didn't workso here's the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdE-07GHnnc

The Three KingdomsAll 3 kingdoms were called Hellenistic something because they were all Greek-like. Most of these kingdoms were conquere.

The LegendThere was once a knot. Whoever cut it would rule all of Asia. Alexander took this as good luck and went to conquere Asia.

Story Time!Philip II planned to conquer the Persian Empire, but he never made it. He was murdered while celebrating his daughter's wedding.


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