[2014] ESKANDER BIERMAN (Jardine 2014-15): Alexander the Great

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[2014] ESKANDER BIERMAN (Jardine 2014-15): Alexander the Great

* At the time of his birth, Persia was the greatest empire in the world.* Many wars between Greeks and Persians.* Alexander was born in the city of Pella in Macedonia in 356BC.* his father was King Philip of Macedonia.* His mother was called Olympias.* When King Philip was killed Alexander became King of Macedonia and Greece. He was only 20.* Alexander was very ambitious. He united Greeks and Macedonians into one empire..* After he conquered the Greeks, he decided to conquer the persian empire.* Alexander won the first battle against Darius king of Persia* Alexander became king of Egypt in 332 BC.* Alexander won the second battle against Darius.* Darius escaped but was kidnapped by his own men and then killed.* Alexander found Darius 's body so he took his body to Persia to give him a proper Burial.* Alexander took over Persia and also Darius's treasure.* Alexander became king of the Persian empire at the age of 25.* The Macedonians did not like to see Alexander becoming Persian. They did not like it when Alexander started to claim he was the son of the Greek God Zeus.* Alexander decided to conquer India but he failed.* Alexander wanted to conquer Arabia and North Africa, but he fell ill and died when he was 32.* His empire was divided between 3 of his generals.

Alexander the Great


* When he was 12 he was able to tame a wild horse, no one else was able to tame it. He tamed the horse by turning it towards the sun so it couldn't see its shadow.* When he was 16 he became a respected captan of the macedonian army.

Lasting Impact

He established an empire in which he began to spread the Greek Culture.Even today, many thousands of years later, the Greek culture continues to influence many aspects of Western Culture. Many Greek Words are used in the fields of Science, medicine and math.


Alexander the great and the ancient Greece by Miriam Greenblatt -2000 by marshall cavendish corporation.Alexander the Great by Demi- 2010 marshall cavendish corporation.You tube


* 356 BC- Alexander is born in pella, macedonia.* 336 BC- King Philip is assasinated* 333 BC- Alexander defeats Darius the Persian Emperor.*332 BC- Alexander captures major cities dominated by the Persians.* 331 BC- Alexander founds the city of Alexandria in EGYPT.* 327 BC- Alexander invades India* 323 BC- Alexander dies of possible Malaria


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