Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great was the son of Philph and Olymipas. He was one of the most well known kings that ruled Asia. When his father died, Alexander took his rightful place in the throne. Many people thought that Alexander was thought to be a horrible ruler and not as near of a great ruler than his father, well they thought wrong. He was just as great of a ruler as his father and he led his people to a dynasty of glory and trumph.

Alexander created a massive empire and ruled most of greece while others couldn't and he even made a bigger empire than his own father. When he was expanding his empire outward toward Asia, he would he would have keep going if it wasn't for his tiresome soldiers.

Alexander the Great almost never lost a battle because he had great battling tricks and was a great warrior. He use clever tricks to take down his enemies and had a great army to always be the last ones standing.

Alexander the Great was born in 356B.C. and died June 13, 323B.C. He died because of a sickness and didnt make it back to his kingdom after conquring some of Asia. After his death, they took him back to Egypt and mummified him in a golden coffin as he was their Pharaoh.

Alexander The Great ruled most of Asia and all of Persian. He also ruled some of Egypt. Land like Iran and India were ruled my Alexander and he definatly ruled all of Macedonian.

Alexander is one of the best known rulers of Greece and still is today.


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