Alexander the Conqueror

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Alexander the  Conqueror

Due to the information provided, it is clear to see that Alexander the Great was a military genius.

Evidence 1: He never lost. In his 11 years of conquering and creating an empire, he had never lost a battle. From the Persians to Tyre he won everything he fought for.Evidence 2: He beat the Persians. Back then, the Persians were know as superior and no one could defeat them. Then, Alexander the Great came along and took their land.Evidence 3: His army beat everyone. Alexander the Great took Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Turkey without losing once.

Alexander the ConquerorBy: LaMiah Bullock


He Had Good War Tactics!Evidence 1: Phalanx. This was his military strategy so that no matter where people went, they were struck by spears and his army was always protected.Evidence 2: Hypaspists. This was an elite part of Alexander the Great’s army also known as the guards. They carried shields and protected the main army from outsiders.Evidence 3: Battle with Porus. When he was battling with him, he used incredible tactics such as moving his men into different directions so he would be confused. He also boxed the elephants in so they could stomp on Porus’ soldiers.

All the land Alexander conquered in the end. What an empire!!

He Influenced Many Other People

Evidence 1: Napoleon Bonaparte. He focused mainly on Alexanders war tactics and followed them. He also conquered Egypt so he could do what Alexander did.Evidence 2: Pompey. He was also known as pompey the Great mainly for his following of Alexander. They also called him the Roman Alexander because he was his idol. Evidence 3: People still study him. Many classes study his was tactics and teach them to show how successful it actually was. There are many courses that study all of Alexander’s war tactics from his army, to his specific strategies.

He Had Incredible Battles!

Alexander The Great was a conqueror and King of Macedon. He lived from 356-323 BC.


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