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Alexander Hamilton

Best Form of Government

Hamilton believed that the country should be ruled by the "best people" because they were wealthy and could afford educations. They had the time and wisdom to run the country properly. He also favored a strong national government that could unite the quarreling states and keep order among the people of America.

Ideal Economy

Hamilton wanted to expand the economy to manufacturing and trade. Hamilton wanted to pay off the Revolutionary War's debts, but the South complained, saying that they had already paid off their debts. In the end, Hamilton used his plan and compromised with the South to locate the capital in the south.

Relations with Britain and France

Hamilton supported Britain because he looked up to their successful civilization while France was too revolutionary in his opinion. Besides that, many people also depended on trading with Britain to survive.

View of Human Nature

Hamilton believed that allmen should be supposeda scoundrel who only doesthings for his own privateinterests.

Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. When he was 13, he wrote a vivid description of a hurricane that hit his island that impressed everyone who read it. People on the island arranged for him to go to New York to get the proper education he deserved. George Washington spotted his talents and made Hamilton his personal assistant. He married Elizabeth Schuyler and served as a delegate in the Constitutional Convention after the war.

Personal Background

Alexander Hamilton


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