Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell

AlexanderGraham Bell

Without Him We Wouldn't Have the Telephone!

Education He graduated early from Royal High School, and attended the University of Edinburgh. Alexander Loved the sciences, and mostly studied biology, his passion.

Early LifeAlexander was born March 3, 1847, in Edinburg, Scotland. His Father, Alexander Melville Bell, was a profesor and his Mother's name was Eliza Grace. He had 2 brothers, both died of tuberculosis.

He got his middle name from a family friend named Alexander Graham, whom he re-middle-named himself after at age 11!

Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland

Work On the TelephoneAlthough he was mostly interested in biology in high school and college, he is credited as the inventor of the telephone. Alexander improved the techology of tuning forks, which allowed the audio portion of the telephone to become easier to develop. His partner was Thomas Augustus Watson, and The first telephone call was to him, in the other room. The conversation went as follows:"Mr. Watson, come here. I need to see you." He also began development on a device known as the Photophone, which was a wireless phone that transmitted across a beam of light.

He died August 22, 1922 From Diabetes Complications.

Both His Mother and His Wife had hearing Impairments!

He Originally Suggested Answering the telephone with "Ahoy"

He also invented the metal detector in a scramble to find the bullet lodged in James Garfield's body.


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