Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Bell was mainly known for being apart of inventing the first practical telephone, but not only did he do that but he also helped create visable speech for the deaf. Aleck lived to be 75 and as a child was homeschooled. When he turned 16, Alexander Graham Bell accepted a teaching position at Weston House Academy in Elgin located in Scotland. He ended up teaching elocution and music to students who were mostly older than him. Sooner or later Bell and his parter Watson started to work on harmonic telegraph and a voice transmitting device. After time of multiple experiments they had made the first phone call! This great work was what made Alexander Graham Bell famous and mean a lot to the future of technology.

Facts:Born- March 3, 1847Died-August 2, 1922Place of birth- Edinburgh, ScotlandSiblings- Alexander had 2 brothers

Alexander Graham Bell:wanted for recognition for inventing the first practical telephone

"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open."-Alexander Graham Bell


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