Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell

-March 3, 1847 – August 2, 1922-He was born in Edinburgh.-He had two brothers Melville and Charles. Both of his brothers died of tuberculosis.-His father was professor Alexander Melville Bell, and his mother Eliza Grace.-For his 11th birthday, his father allowed him to adopt the middle name ‘’graham’’. -In 1864 he held a residence at the Weston House Academy, where he developed his first studies of sound.

Industrial age

People were not talking and chatting by phone in the industrial revolution. They met with letters.

The function of the phone at those times was to be communicated with other countries. Alexander Graham patented the phone in 1876, and like the early.telegraph, it was used mainly to speed business transactions.Was a revolutionary idea because it changed the world by communicating different countries. Nobody imagined that different countries could be communicated just pressing buttons. The telephone generated more work, and that helped to the society, as other inventions.

Actual Age


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The Phone

future age

Alexander Graham Bell

Agricultural Age

The diference is that now movile phones have everything(internet, games, music, vídeos and more) and before they didn’t have it. A similar thing is that we used them from the start and until the end to comunicate. For better thing for the society is that now they are very comunicated but a bad thing is that now everyone is like druged in the phone they are constanly looking at the phone.It doesn’t afect the enviroment because is not tòxic or something like that and it’s not been substidued wetThe importance of these invention is that now whe can do everything.


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