Alexander Graham Bell - Telephone

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Alexander Graham Bell - Telephone

1. Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3rd, 1847 in, Edinburgh, Scotland.2. When Alexander was young,he was home-schooled until he was 11. Then,he went to a royal school in his own town. For four years, he enjoyed science, but didn't enjoy it academically.3. Even though he had very poor work in school,he had a very active mind. One day while Bell was playing at a flour mill owned by a young and good friend with Bell, Bell learned that dehusking the wheat grains took a lot of effort and was very boring too. Bell realized that it was possible for a machine to complete the work. So he built a machine. While he was creating his machine, he was only 12. His machine was used at the mill for several years after he created it.4. When he was 15, he lived with his grandfather who had moved to London, England. His grandfather home-schooled him wich seemed for Bell to get his knowledge back again. At the age of 16, he went to Weston House Academy in Eigin, Scotland,were he learned two languages, Greek and Latin. He also earned money while teaching elocution.5. At the age of 16, his brother and him were building a talking robot. On it they both built a wind pipe and a realistic looking fake head. When they blew air into the windpipe, the fake mouth could make a small number of recognizable words.6. For a few years more, Bell went to a new school. While he was at his new school, he was either teaching elocution or improving his very own learning.


1847- Born1868-1922 - Education1922 - Died

-Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone so that we can call or text our friends if they're far away,and so that we don't always have to wait to send it or to wait for a new letter back.-Alexander Graham Bell also created a talking robot with his brother Edword Bell that it only works if you blow air into a wind pipe and the robot makes a small number with the mouth.

Lasting Impact

Alexander's creation of the telephone is still helpful and handy for us today to connect to friends and family, etc.He is my favorite inventor because he invented the first telephone and I was interested in learning that. I enjoy using a telephone to connect with friends and family.



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