Alexander Graham Bell - Father of the Telephone

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Alexander Graham Bell - Father of the Telephone

One night, AGB and Thomas Watson (his assistant), were working on a few telephone recievers in a Boston electrical shop. Thomas was trying to restore a telegraph transmitter. AGB heard the sound of plucked string along 60 feet of wire; hearing that sound, Bell believed he could create a new way for mankind to communicate. First he figured out how to transmit a simple current, and on March 7, 1876, he recieved a patent for his work. Five days later, he transferred actual speech, saying the now famous words: "Mr. Watson, come here. I need you."


1847 - Bell was born1876 - Bell invented the telephone1877 - Bell marries Mabel Hubbard1877 - Bell also creates the first telephone company1922 - Bell passed away at the age of 75

Even though Alexander Graham Bell is mostly famous because of his invention of the telphone, he also made other inventions, such as the telephonic probe, the "vacuum jacket" (iron lung), the audio meter (a device used for testing hearing and whether one is deaf), a system of air conditioning, and a distilling device. He even made toys, but was too embarrased to have them sold and copyrighted.

Lasting Impact

The telephone is still a commonly used invention, even though it is slowly being replaced by the cellphone


Alexander Graham Bell

How He Invented the Telephone


Fun Facts!!!

- Even though he invented the telephone, AGB still didn't want one in his office because he thought it would distract him-Bell's mother and wife were both deaf---this had a big effect on his work- Bell didn't always have the middle name ''Graham.'' He adopted that middle name in honor of a friend-Even though Mabel was deaf, AGB didn't need to use sign language to talk to her because she was an expert lipreader, which was rare at the time.

Who is Alexander Graham Bell?Alexander Graham Bell. Does this name ring a bell for you?Alexander Graham Bell is a scottish scientist, inventor, engineer, teacher, and innovator; who is most famous for inventing the telephone.

This is Bell and his family: His wife Mabel Gardiner Hubbard, and his two daughters: Marian and Elsie Bell. They had two sons, but they died in infantry.


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