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Alexander Galt

Galt endured and helped from a coalition government led by John A Macdonald and George Brown to push forward with the federal union plan. Galt attended the Québec Conference in 1864 and was part of the Canadian delegations sent to England in 1865 and 1866 to negotiate the final terms of the BNA Act of 1867.

Political history

Alexander GaltBy:Anaka

Galt entered politics in 1849 as a representative for sherbrooke obtaining a seat in the legislature by acclamationon the death of the incumbent.Galt efined himself as politically independent.He supported Montreal merchants in their demand for annexation to the U.S,to the constemation of some of the officers of the british american land company in London.When the capital of the province of canada moved to toronto in 1850,Galt resigne his seat. He reentered politics in a

by-election in 1853 and remained in office until 1872.Galt's support for pro-development Galt’s support for pro-development policies aligned him with Reform or Rouge parliamentarians on such issues as the abolition of seigneurial tenure. But efforts to obtain government subsidies for business ventures, particularly railroads, brought him closer to the Conservatives. In 1858, Galt accepted the position of finance minister in the government formed by John A. Macdonald and

Why did he want confereation

Which colony did he represent ?

Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt represented the colony of Canada.



-Imprisoned for failing to pay his sons school fees.-

-Galt played a significant role indevising the financal arrangnent that presuaded Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to join the dominion of canada.-Supported immigration.-Had alot of Interst for devleloping the colony.

Alexander T.Galt

Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt was a diplomat, politician and an entrepreneur. He was born 6 September 1817 in London, England and died 19 September 1893 in Montreal.

George-Étienne Cartier

When they joined and What terms they joined.

In 1864 Aleander Galt joined confederation.Alexander pressed for a federal union of the British North American colonies that would end the awkward political structure of the day and allow Ontario and Québec to regain their separate legislatures.


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