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Alexander Fleming

Sir Alexander Fleming, aka Alexander Fleming was the seventh of eight kids who was born in rural Lochfield, in East Ayrshire, Scotland even though he did most of his work in London. Fleming was born in 1881 on August 6. He went to the schools of, Louden Moor School, the Darvel School and Kilmarnock Academy. In 1895 Alexander moved to London to live with his older brother Thomas Fleming. In London, Fleming finished his basic education at the Regent Street Polytechnic which is now the University of Westminster. Fleming served as a Territorial Army member from 1900 to 1914 in the London Scottish Regiment. Alexander Fleming got into the medical field in 1901 and studied at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School at the University of London. There, he won the 1908 gold medal as the best medical student. Fleming served in World War 1 as a bacteriologist. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945 and died on March 11, 1955.


1881- Alexander is born1904-He becomes a surgeon1915-Marries Sally McElroy 1921-Discovers the lysozyme 1928-Discovers pennicilin1929-He named the antibotic penicilin1929-Fleming published a report on penicillin1945- Awarded Nobel prize1953-Alexander's re-married1955-He dies of a heartattack

Lasting Impact

Sir Alexander Fleming is mainly known for his discovery of penicillin, but he also has discovered many more incredible things!!





Alexander Fleming Powtoon

Famous Quote

"One sometimes finds what one is not looking for."

Because of Alexander Fleming's incredible discovery, he has saved almost 200 million people worldwide and still manages to save lives today.

Alexander Fleming


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