Alexander Fleming

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Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming was born on August 6, 1881 at Lochfield, in Ayrshire Scotland.Alexander was small for his age and his nickname was "Little Alec". At the age of 19 Alec and his brother John signed up as privates, or low-ranking soldiers,in the London Scottish Rifle Volunteers. Fleming started his work in the Inoculation Department of St.Mary's Hospital in 1906, hospitals and medicine were very different from today. Alexander Fleming's boss finally made sure that Alec was recognized as the discoverer of penicillin.On August 31, 1942, Sir Almroth Wright wrote to the Times of London, stating that the credit of pencillin should be to Professor Alexander Fleming. He died in the morning of March 11,1955 because of a heart problem.


August 6,1881-Born at Lochfield in Ayrshire Scotland1900 Alec and John sign up as low-ranking solders in the Scottish Rifle Volunteers. 1906 Fleming Started his work in the Inoculation Department December 23, 1915 married Sally.In 1943 "Penicillin" went into mass production in the United States.1953 Married AmiliaMarch 11, 1955 Died at his home in London.

Lasting Impact

Discoverd that Penicillin is a battling germ.Alec receives lots of honors, including sharing the "Nobel Prize" with Florey and Chain.Fleming is knightes as Sir Alexander Fleming; receives several medals,honors,and memberships.

Alexender Fleming is the man who discoverd "Pencillin". It killed bad bacteria like a killing machine or it would stop their growth.Famous Quote:While Alexander was discoving Pencillin in his words, he said"From this slab will come things that will create world wide interest"

List of Sources

-Alexander Fleming by Steve Parker-World Book -Kid Rex

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*Alec and Sally were married for almost thirty-four years. *Pencillin is so small to be seen with the naked eye. It would have to be magified over 10,000 times to make it look big.*The medical drugs,or pharmaceuticals, is worth more than $450 billion each year*Fleming was very skilled with his hands,he could grab a trout straight from the water.*Alec was a important member of St.Mary's rifle-shooting team, and he was a medical student attached to St.Mary's Hospital.

Did you know...

Character Traits:curiousHe was curious what was Pencillin


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