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Alexander Fleming

Sir Alexander Fleming

Early Life

August 6th, 1881 - Date of BirthSeptember 1st, 1928 - Fleming discovered penicillinJune 1st, 1945 - Won the Nobel Peace Prize along with the 2 other people that helped increase penicillin's popularity, Florey and Ernest Chain.March 11th, 1955 - Died of a heart attack

From the day he was born, everyone knew Alexander was special. At a young age, he never had much difficulty learning; in fact, he was extremley smart. He took great interest in the world of science. Fleming attended Saint Mary's Medical School, and after completing some years there, he was inspired to pursue his dream of becoming a bacteriologist. Fleming's extensive knowledge in science helped him discover the medicine that changed his life forever.


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Many truly amazing and inspiring things came out of Alexander's discovery of penicillin. Before penicillin, people around the world would routinely die from infections of the simplest wounds. After penicillin was created, it was shown to save many lives, so the antibiotic started being used in wars, specifically World War 2. It became a revolutionary medicine in wars and for regular people with illnesses as well. Once the world realized how much of an impact penicillin was having on society, the U.S. government and pharmaceutical companies embraced the idea of the new antibiotic. Penicillin also made the job of a doctor much more simple. Instead of trying to find out ways to prevent the spread of bad bacterias, doctors could now kill off bacteria immediatley.

Sir Alexander Fleming's creation of penicillin has impacted the world of science and medicine.

His Importance

My Claim

Pencillin is a group of antibiotics that is used to make infections that cause bacteria to disappear.

Sir Alexander Fleming is now known as, "the best of 20th century British bacteriologist."

Fleming's discovery of penicillin became one of the "science based technologies of tomorrow's world."


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