[2015] Angelina Duran (UCLA): Alexander the Great

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[2015] Angelina Duran (UCLA): Alexander the Great



In conclusion, Alexander demonstates more perseverence than Panchito in many ways. He conquered several countries, he is a strong military leader, and when he wants something, he doesn't give up until he gets it. Although Panchito demonstrates perseverence, it can't possibly compare to the perseverence demonstrated by Alexander the Great. Alexander has proved many times that he truly is great.

The Siege of Tyre

According to Document C it states "Alexander proceeded to build causeway, or land bridge....so his soldiers could cross from mainland to the island" This quote means that Alexander spent a long time and a lot of effort into building a bridge to Trye in order to conquer the small island. This matters because it shows that Alexander will go to great lenghts to get what he wants

In the story, The legend of the Helmet, it states" Alexander, like everybody, was tormented by thirst, but he was nonetheless marching on foot at the head of his men." This means that even though Alexander was thirsty he persevered through it in order to stay strong with his men and win the war. This matters because it shows that Alexander sees himslef as an equal to his men even though he was a leader

The Legend of the Helmet

Map of Empire

This map shows that Alexander was able to conquer many countries over a period of 11 years. This matters because it shows that Alexander put a lot of effort into expanding his empire. In doing so he demonstrated perseverence

Although Panchito has demonstrates perseverence by trying to help his family out of poverty and also by learning english, but Alexander the great demonstrates more perseverence by taming Bucephalus, conquering countries, and destroying Tyre

This is a picture of a statue of Alexander the Great


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