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Alexander Campbell

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Campbell was elected to the Legislative Council in 1858 and 1864, serving as the last Commissioner of Crown Lands between March 30th, 1864 to June 30th, 1867. He also was part of the Quebec City Conference in 1864, the Confederation was nominated to the Canadian Senate.He held posts in the Cabinet of Sir John A. Macdonald and was the sixth Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1887 to 1892.





Sir Alexander Campbell was born on March 9, 1822 and died on May 24, 1892 at the age of 70, born in England. He was known as a Canadian statesman and politician, and also one of the fathers of Canadian Confederation. He was born in Hedon, Yorkshire, Northern England and moved to Canada at the age of one with his father, who was a doctor. He went to a French school in St. hyacinthe and grammar school in Kingston, Ontario. And eventually, he studied law and was called in 1843. He became a partner in John A. Macdonald's law office.

Alexander attended the Quebec conference in 1864. It was the second conference that took place, to discuss Canadian Confederation. The conference started on October 10th and ended 17 days later on October 27th.Alexander was John A. Macdonald's ideal right-hand man. Alexander was a member of the conservative party and was elected to the legislative council as the representative for what is nowAfter 1867, he no longer ran for election, but helped many offices with conservative governments such as postmaster general, minister of interior, receiver general, minister of Militia and finally minister of justice.Alexander left the Senate and was appointed the 6th lieutenant-governor of Ontario, and finally discontinued politics in 1887. known as Ontario, from 1858 to 1867. He held a series of government positions including that of commissioner of Crown Lands for the province of Canada from March 30th, 1864-June 30th, 1867.

Political History

He was a Member of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada for Cataraqui


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