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Social Studies

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alexander and christians glog

cold warThe Cold war wasn't really a war, it was called a war of ideas because they were racing to develope new technologies for warfare. The Soviet Union captured half of Germany and one side was communist and the other side was noncommunist. There was one big wall called the Berlin wall that separated Germany and it started the war.

The United States and the soviet union worked together in wwII but their differences eventually set them apart , this started the cold war

Cold War.

The Cold War has some benfits, like how we have got many knew ideas from the war that we use today.

Space RaceThe space race was a race between the Soviet Union and the United States to get the first person in space . The Soviet Union began to win by launching the sputnik1.

Then the United States regain the lead by getting the first people to land on the moon.



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