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The benifit of solar energy is that solar energy doesn`t pollute the air. Also, solar energy doesn`t produce carbon dioxide. And when on buildings, have the least amount of impact on the environment

Solar EnergyBy: Alexa

Because solar energy comes from the sun, it has some limitations, for example: When it is dark outside things that run on solar energy can`t work. Also, the sun doesn`t deliver alot of energy to any one place at any one time so a large surface area is needed to collect the energy at a useful rate. So that means to collect the amount of energy needed you need a LOT of solar panels. Bibliography for information

Solar energy is energy that comes from the sun.. Solar enrgy can cook food, power vehicals, and power homes. Also, solar energy is free and renewable!

I chose solar energy because solar energy is renewable, and I like renewable energy. Also, I like the sun. The last reason I chose solar energy is because it doesn`t pollute the air.


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