Stranger Maine Alex Tanous - Maine's Psychic

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Stranger Maine Alex Tanous - Maine's Psychic

“a man of exceptional gifts, of great abilities—but also a man of great sorrows.” Kahlil Gibran

Alexander Tanous, the son of psychic parents, was born in Van Buren, Maine in 1926. By the age of nine he had already predicted future events. Alex also discovered while playing on the stairs that after one jump, he looked back up the stairs and saw an image of himself at the top, staring back and smiling. He named this double ‘Alex 2'.    As a young man he became a self-taught musician. He wrote, sang and produced many songs during his early years and during his time in the military. In 1948 Alex became serious about the business of music. Alex was also talented in writing, and taught himself art.       By 1960, Alex realized that he possessed not only the traditional psychic power of predicting the future, but also a wide variety of other psychic abilities, which were researched by the ASPR. As part of his own exploration, Alex visited and studied the Bermuda triangle, which he believed extended to Maine. In the last year of his life Alex founded the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research. Alex Tanous died in 1990.

Alex Tanous



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