Alex Mathinson Turing Code Breaker

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Alex Mathinson Turing Code Breaker

Alex Mathinson TuringCode Breaker

Vital Statistics Lifespan: June 23rd 1912- June 7th 1954Birthplace:Maida Vale, London, EnglandAge Of Death:41 years oldNo family/martial status recorded.

Interesting EventsHe made an electromagnetic device to break WW2 Enigma. He created Turing Test and introduced artificial intelligence.

ContributionsCreated the Turing Machine. It was an early computing machine to see the limitations of what could be computed or not (i.g. infinite numbers).He made mathmatical approaches to code breaking.He made the Automatic Computer Engine (i.g. store program computer design).

Fun FactsAlan Turing was an Olympic level distance runner. He died from cyanide in an apple.He has been featured in movies such as the Imitation Game or Code Breaker.

OccupationsA GCCS wartime station code breaker during WW2. Also, a mathmatician at several unniversities and computer designer. World EventsWWI=1914-1918 The Great Depression= 1929-late 1930sWW2= 1939-1943Education1. Sherbone School2. Unniversity Of Cambridge3. Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton Unniversity


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