Alex Brown - Snow Leopard

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Alex Brown - Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard is a species of Leopard. It mainly lives in the mountains in central Asia. The Snow Leopard is endangered due to hunters killing them for their grayish-white coat. Their fur is very thick to survive in the cold of the mountains.

Weight & LengthThe Snow Leopard has average weights & heights similar to the Clouded Leopard and Leopard. The Snow Leopard's average weight is 55-59 lbs. It's average length is 46-50 in.

SNOW LEOPARD (Uncia Uncia)

TAXONOMYKINGDOM: AnimaliaPHYLUM: ChordataCLASS: MammaliaORDER: CarnivoraFAMILY: FelidaeSUBFAMILY: PantherinaeGENUS: UnciaSPECIES: Uncia Uncia



HABITATSnow Leopards mainly live in mountains in Central Asia. There is a map of their location at the bottom of the page. The leopard has a long fur coat to survive in the cold temperatures.


Food Chain InformationSnow Leopards play a part in it's food web. They usually rest during the day and hunt in the early morning. Their prey includes musk deer, boar, hare, game birds, ibex, bharal, sheep, domesic livestock, marmots, pikas, and mountain goats. There are not many predators for the Snow Leopard.


ADAPTATIONSSnow Leopards have very large canines for eating meat. They also have a long fur coat to survive in the cold mountains. Snow Leopards have pads on bottom of their feet to run around quickly on the rocky mountains. They have whitish gray fur to blend in with the snowy mountains. They have strong legs to run on the steep mountains.

BEHAVIORSSnow Leopards are solitary animals. They are active in the early morning and late afternoon. Their eyes are placed unusually high on their head, which gives them a hunting advantage.

CONTACT WITH HUMANSSnow Leopards do not have much contact with humans in their lives. They live high up in the mountains. Due to increasing numbers of humans getting closer to their habitat, Snow Leopards have been known to eat goats, chickens, and even dogs.

CHARACTERISTICS OF MAMMALSThe Snow Leopard has all the characteristics of being a mammal. Here are a few.-------------------------------------------female Snow Leopards use mammary glands to make milk-------------------------------------------they have a diaphragm to gain air-------------------------------------------they are endothermic so they can produce their own body heat-------------------------------------------they have a very thick coat of fur to keep warm in cold temperatures-------------------------------------------they have large canine teeth in order to eat prey (they are meat-eaters)-------------------------------------------they reproduce sexually-------------------------------------------they have large brains so they can learn and think quickly-------------------------------------------

COMPARE & CONTRASTThe Snow Leopard and the Clouded Leopard are similar and different in ways. The Snow Leopard has black rings with a gray center and the Clouded Leopard had large black rings without a center. Snow Leopards have very large canine teeth, and Clouded Leopards have very large canine teeth also. The Snow Leopard's habitat is mountains and the Clouded Leopard's is forests at high elevations. The Snow Leopard average weight is 55-59 lbs while the Clouded Leopard's is 35-51. The Clouded Leopard has a much larger range of weights. They differ in the length category, the Clouded Leopard's average length being 28-41 in. and the Snow Leopard's being almost exactly 48 in. on all Snow Leopards.


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