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Alex and Ani

Digital Storytelling

Her father opened a jewelry store in 1966, where her and her sister worked when they misbehaved. She helped design and produce original pieces at her father's store. She graduated Prout Memorial High School for Girls, went to the University of Rhode Island, and then transferred to The American College in Los Angeles. She became co owner of her father's jewelry store in 2002, where her designs kept the business afloat.

In 2004, Carolyn founded Alex and Ani, because she wanted to leave a legacy behind for her daughters. The company started out with 5 rings and then expanded into necklaces, wire bangle bracelets, earrings, and handbags.

Product/Business Beginnings

The Story about ...Alex and Ani

Early Life

Created by: Carolyn RafaelianFounded in 2004.First store was located in Newport, Rhode Island in 2009.Items include bracelets, necklaces, and rings.


The company is named after Carolyn's two eldest daughters. She also owns a vineyard in Rhode Island.She owns a 60-room mansion, that she rents for weddings andother public receptions.

In 2012, Carolyn was awarded Rhode Island Small Businessperson of the Year award for her work with Alex and Ani.That year she also received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of Year in the products category for New England.


Success of the Business


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