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The alewife moved into Ohio around 1829 through the Welland Canal, but was not recorded in Lake Erie until 1931.The breeding season for the alewife is April-May and scatters its eggs in the shallows of Lake Erie. Alewives harm lake trout, a native fish whose population has been struggling for many years. The alewives eat baby lake trout, simply. Another way that alewives hurt the lake trout population is that they create a vitamin deficiency that kills newly hatched fish, therefore also hurting all other species of fish in Lake Erie. Since Atlantic salmon feeds on alewife, scientists and biologists are trying to increase the population of the salmon in order to preserve the lake trout.


The adult size is typically 6-10 inches and can reach 15 inches. It usually weighs less than a pound, but can reach up to about 1.5 pounds. The alewife feeds on wide variety of plankton. It is a silvery fish with a long, deep body that almost looks flat when it lies on its side. They have some black color under their lower jaw and can have 1-9 dusty spots along the sides starting at the gills on either side. The alewife is usually found in the open waters of Lake Erie.


Did you know that Alewives also make good bait for large fish?


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