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Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta had made many discoveries in many subjects, but he had one of the most powerful impact in the catagory of electricity. He had discovered "the first practical way to generate electricity."Alessandro Volta had made one of the most important inventions in the world!! He had invented the battery.


Alessandro Volta was born on Febuary 18, 1745 to Filippo Volta and Mario Volta in Como, Italy and died on March 5, 1827 in Como, Italy.

Alessandro has had an impact on the world socially. The way he has socially impacted us is the fact that almost everything that is a peice of electronics and is portable, has a battery. For example; cell phones, laptops, etc.

Early Life

Alessandro Volta was raised by a strictly catholic family, in Volta's early years in school he went to a Jusit school. As a child, they thought him as mentally backwards, when really he was a genuis! His parents were even doubtful about him.His education was a rather good one. he went to school at School of Rhetoric" in Como, and didn't do so well because of his father's death when he was seven. But he was influenced by a person named Doc Saussure, who had tried to make the battery and failed.




Birth & Death

CareerAlessandro Volta worked in a local school in como in 1774. He then started to teach as a professor at "University of Pavia" in 1778.




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