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Alekhya Kavi

By:Alekhya Kavi


Where are oceans?

-Middle of continents-Pacific Ocean between Asia and Australia-Arctic Ocean northern part of Earth-Atlantic Ocean between U.S.A-Indian Ocean between Africa Asia Australia Southern Ocean-Antarctic Ocean southern part of Earth

How did the oceans get thier names?

-Atlantic Ocean before New World-Some people think name from Atlas Mountains-Other people think name from Island Atlantis-Pacific Ocean named by Ferdinard Magellan -1520 -Pacific (peacful)-Indian Ocean name from country India-Antarctic Ocean name from continent Antarctica

What is the water cycle?

-Water evaporates-Turns into clouds-Rains into rivers/streams-Flows into ocean

What animals live in the deep part of the oceans?

-Giant Squid lives bottom but visits top-Viperfish Hatchet fish Gulper Eels -Angler fish use light catch prey-Hatchet fish and Lantern fish top catch prey

What kind of plants are in oceans?

-2 main plants algae and seagrass-Seaweed can be red, brown, or green-Difference bettween seagrass & seaweedseaweed has weeds

-Wind pushes water make waves-Stronger wind bigger waves

How are waves created?

How did the Atlantic Ocean get its name?-There was a place called Atlantic 36%-Atlantic means ocean39% -Atlas mountains 18%-A man named it Atlantic6%



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