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alejandra mendoza

SummaryTyra is a girl who loves to play soccer. She lived in Florida but her parents decided to move to England. Tyra’s new school is hard for her because there’s girl named Alicia that hates Tyra so much ever since she moved to England. There is a coach called Mr. Wheeler he is a coach of soccer. He made a team and Alicia will try her best to get Tyra off the team. In one of the game Alicia did something that ruined Tyras time to shine. At the end of the book Alicia and Tyra become friends.

ReveiwI liked this book a lot because I love to play soccer even though I’m not good at it. I love books that have drama. The character I liked is Tyra because she is nice and would like to be in the soccer team really bad. Kickoff is a book that girls will enjoy that play soccer or like soccer. This is the best book I’ve ever read and it’s awesome.

Setting:Time: PresentPlace: England


By; Donna King

Characters:Tyra- she is nice and she is the one who moved to EnglandAlicia- she hates TyraLacey- she is Tyra's best friend


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