Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

- Father was King Philip the second.- Mother was Queen Olympias.- Has a sister named Cleopatra.-Born in 356 B.C. - Philip was stabbed to death by Pausanias.-Father's roots said to be traced back to Hercules.-Mother's roots said to be traced back to Achilles.


-Grew up in the Macadonian capital; Pella.-He was commander of one of the most fearsome army.-At the age of 20, became king.-Grew up learning of Greek traditions and learning how to fight.

-Won the battle against Darius and gained control over the Persian empire. (Known as one of the most important battles in history.)-Battle against Darius was to avenge them for waht they did to the Athens and to gain the Athens trust.-Won the Asia minor battle and the battle of Issus.


-Had private teachers, one of them was Aristotle.-Took insterest in Philosophy, medicine, and scientific investigations.

Alexander the great


Early life


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