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Aleah Springer

BiographyI am the youngest in my family of four. I love to learn about animals and mechanics. When I go into high school I want to be in Ag class to learn more about the fun things like welding, engine repair and raising livestock. I already know a little bit about welding and mechanics because my dad always has a project going so I get to help him complete them. Last winter I helped change a transmission out of a 72 Chevrolet pickup truck to our family plow truck an 84 Chevrolet pickup truck. I’ve also successfully completed restoring an old four wheeler. I even repainted it to be Tremont Turk themed. My uncle is a veterinarian and I get to visit him every summer and get to job shadow him and his partner for a couple days. I’ve gotten to see lots of interesting things happen there. I have gotten to go to farm calls also. He lives on a farm and just so happened that the first day there I had the opportunity to pull a calf. Almost every day I was there a calf was born. Cows are one of my favorite animals, especially Shorthorn and Angus. One of my favorite things to do is drive the gator and four wheeler. I love to ride horses. I love having fires. Not only do I come from a line of mechanics and farmers almost every guy on both sides of my family have served in the Military or Army a couple have been in the Navy too. Almost all the guys have been in some sort of racing too. I used to ride along with my dad or uncle when they raced. I also have a family horse racing type of thing sometimes.

Important Event December 19, 08 November 3

InterestingsFacts The first concert I went to was Jason Aldean & Toby Keith My family currently has 6 vehicles all together Ive met Blake Philips


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