[2015] Brian Esteves (CHV2Oc): Alcoholism

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[2015] Brian Esteves (CHV2Oc): Alcoholism

Who is affected?Alcohol and drinking is experienced at a low age. Teens usually drink or have tried it by at least the age of 13. People that are older and are in their adolescence stage are also affected by alcohol. The average age people experience intoxication begins by the early age of just 14 years old. When someone in you family is affected by this, so are the rest of your family having to watch this happen to you.

What is the social issue?Alcoholism is a recurring and often involves illnesses which include problems controlling your drinking, being occupied with alcohol, mistreating the use alcohol even when it causes problems, having to drink more to get the same effect, or having withdrawal problems when you quickly stop drinking. If you have alcoholism, you can't consistently predict how much you'll drink, how long you'll drink, or what will occur from your drinking.

When did is become an issue for Canadians?Alcoholism became an issue for the First Nations peopepls of canada. They were the worst for always being intoxicated. In 2002 and 2006 40% of First Nations deaths were because of alcohol. It also became an issue for Canada when teens were exposed to alcohol. On average they say that 13 years of age is the age you are most likely going to be exposed to alcohol. Alcohol is also the most abused drug in Canada.

What can be done to help the cause?When suffering from alcohol abuse recieveing treatment from a speciealist is required. The person suffering needs support to help them overcome their addiction and to see a specielist. There are many alcohol addiction treatment programs you can do. Many of these treatment are available in Ontario.

Main Problems for teensTHe biggest problem for teens is peer preasure. When you are younger and all the older people are telling you to have a drink you have it just to be cool. Another big reason is if your parents are really big drinkers growing up then you are more likely to do the sam thing. A finale good reason could be from depression. Alot of teens and adults abuse alcohol when depressed or angry to help them ease the pain.

What is the most pravalent?In cities it is shown that the number of teens abusing alcohol is going up. This is happening because in cities the population is higher so there are more likely going to be more peer preasure from others and also curiousity and boredom. Also parties now a days are huge in the cities and alcohol is the main source that everyone drinks .

Why is alcoholism such an important social issue?Alcoholism is an important social issue because the government promotes it so much and there is alot of research going into the physical abuse it does to you, but not the mental abuse. The governments goal is only to treat the alcohol abuse and not to deal with the economic promotion of alcohol consumtion. The solution to this is for economic interventions to take place.

How can we as global citizens educate people and make them aware of this social issue?One way is comming up with alcoholism preventiong sites for social media. This would be a good idea because many people now a days go on social meadia espesially teens and children. Another way could be to hold economic interventions and also to protest against the promotion of alcohol in canada. Finally, making it so that every alcoholic beverage has a warning label on it with the side affects just like ciggarettes do.


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