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Alcohol is Harmful

The Health IssuesAlcohol makes your health much worse the more you drink it. You will feel physcally weak and you will even look differently in an unhealthy way.Mentally your health will also be at risk and you will think differently to normal. Yoou will feel deppressed most of the time and not care about anything or anyone.

Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive

Current Statistics in Australia•alcohol misuse costs the Australian community 15.3 billion dollars each year when factors such as crime and violence, treatment costs, loss of productivity and premature death were taken into account [1]•51% of alcohol consumed is drunk at levels that pose a risk of short-term harm [2]•over 3 000 Australians die each year as a result of harmful drinking [3]•over 450 000 children (13.2%) live in households where they are at risk of exposure to binge drinking by at least one adult [4]

For and Against Argument about AlcoholAn opposing viewpoint: Alcohol is not always a bad thing. You can drink it for many special occasions, for instance: christmas, birthday/party, Australia day and many more. For this reason it can be a way of socializing and having a good time with family and friends. So it seems to me that it is a nice thing to have.Counter Argument: Yes, it can be a way of socializing, but alcohol is some thing that can't be taken lightly. When people start to think that you can drink alcohol for socializing and it is not dangerous to a point it becomes a real problem. People will start to get addicted and drink repulsively. Because of this people kill others and themselves because in drinking so much alcohol they lose some if not all of their senses that they definately need. So there is no doubt that alcohol is extremely dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible.

My Personal Comment:In Conclusion, I believe that alcohol has had a very big effect on people, especially on teens and it should definately not be encouraged to them. From the horrifying statistics and facts you can see that it has not only ruined people's lives but it has killed millions.So what do you think about alcohol?I believe that the government needs to get involved now!


Harmful EffectsShort Term Physical Effects: risk-taking behaviour, falls,injury and death, as consequences of thebrain’s reduced control over reaction time, co-ordination, thinking and speechleading to unconsciousness. gut irritation, diarrhoea and sexual problems.Short Term Mental Effects: Suicidal behaviour, interacting with stress in some situations and aggravating sleep disorders.Long Term Physical Effects Cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, problems withthe nerves of the armsand legs and harm to the unborn baby. Long Term Mental Effects Alcohol dependence, problems with memory and reasoning and alcohol related brain injury.

Impact on teensTeenagers are more vulnerable to alcohol then a fully grown adult because they have not built up physical tolerance. They also lack drinking experience and are less able to judge their own levels of intoxication. So all the harms of alcohol have more chance of happening for a teenager.

Ways of Reducing HarmFor a start, when every person is young they should not be introduced to alcohol by their parents. The parents should explain why not to take alcohol. Secondly, the government should get involved and make a new rule in the law making it so that you can only drink a certain amount of alcohol at one time so that people won't get addicted and will no when to stop.

Graph - chances of heart disease for each level of physical activity


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