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Human Anatomy

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What is Alcohol?- All drinking alcohol is created by a specific alcohol called: ethanol- Drinking Alcohol is basically made by the chemical process of fermentation: which happens when yeast chemically interacts with other certain ingredients; grains and fruits. -It gets into the body through the veins in your blood.What are the risks?Alcohol can affect 5 regions: - Brain - Heart - Liver - Pancreas - Immune SystemBrain: - Interferes with the brains communication pathways - affect the way the brain looks and works - change mood/behavior, moving, and makes the brain have a trouble of thinking clearlyHeart: - Cardiomyopathy (heart muscles)- Arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) - Stroke - High blood pressureLiver: - Alcoholic hepatitis - CirrhosisPancreas: - Pancreatitis(prevents proper digestion)Immune System: - pneumonia - tuberculosis

Be Non - Alcoholic

1) Don't drink for the fun of it or for the pressure...2) Know your limits... It'll save you from consequences...3) Think about your loved ones...

Alcoholic VS NonAlcoholic Pancreas

Alcoholic VS NonAlcoholic Liver

Alcoholic VS NonAlcoholic Brain

Alcoholic VS NonAlcoholic Heart


Human Physiology 1st Period

By: Sabrina Keo

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