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Description of drugWher does it come from?Alcohol is a depressant Drug. Alcohol has been used for 1000’s of year. It is fermented and distilled by various types of fruits and vegetables. In types of drinks such as beer there is grains fermented or distilled. Fruits made into alcohol are for example apples, pears, grapes, and peaches. Vegetables that they use are ones that are sugary such as sugar cane and sugar beets. Grains that they use are for example wheat, rice oats, and rye. The drink that most often has fruit is cider, wine, and cocktails. The drink that most often has vegetables is vodka. The drink that most often has grains is beer. In conclusion, alcohol is a depressant drug that is fermented and distilled from vegetables, fruit, and grains.

How is it used?Alcohol is most often used to drink as a cider, beer, wine etc. Alcohol is to drink but some people do chose to smoke it. Alcohol is used also to celebrate special occasions. Occasions could include celebrations like parties. Alcohol is also used to celebrate success. When celebrating success it could be for different reasons such as a new job or something that helps/changes your life. Alcohol is also used to relive pain. Using alcohol for this could make the pain even worse than it already is. In conclusion, alcohol is used for all different reasons whether it is to celebrate success, parties, or just for pleasure drinking.

By: Maria Defazio

Where can you go to get help in our city? Province? Alcohol can cause negative social problems that might be leading to family and friends problems i.e. arguing about drink or not wanting to be around/ hang out with you. A legal consequence may result in committing a crime or doing something very wrong that can you into trouble with police. Such as violence to another person you know or not. Also your mood can change things i.e. you could get angry resulting in a violent situation. Another mood would be embarrassment i.e. you may not even done something yet you feel the need to be embarrassed. Judgment, on your self or other people around you could get you in trouble. Also you may cause injuries to yourself or people in your surroundings. Also your mood and actions may put you in danger of death. In conclusion, alcohol can cause some serious consequences legally and socially.

Who uses it most?Adult middle-aged men use alcohol more often than most age groups. Adult malesconsume more alcohol than younger males. From 2009, the percent of males consumed was 24.8. Females had consumed only 9.9 percent of alcohol compared to males. From 2003 –2009 in 2007 males had consumed more alcohol. The y con summed 25.0 percent of alcohol. In the same years the female’s top percentage was only 9.6 compared to the males. By the numbers we can see adult men drink a lot more than females do. In conclusion, alcohol most often is used by adult males a lot more than females.

Long-term effects?Long-term effects on a person from drinking too much are the following. Heart problems can unfortunately include heart disease. Alcohol will also cause cancers such as and heart cancer. Alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and illnesses; your liver can also get diseases. Alcohol poisoning can be a risk if you have been drinking too much. Drinking heavily can also lead to brain disorders if you are not careful when consuming. In conclusion, alcohol can have serious long-term effects on the liver, heart, and brain.

Short-term effects?Short-term effects of alcohol are the following. Headaches, blurred vision, and bad hearing are some of the short-term effects out of many. Also flushed skin or pale skin and vomiting are signs a person having too much alcohol that they should be consuming.Impaired judgment and reduce inhibitions are short-term effects as well. Also, a person could feel too relaxed. A person’s balance will depend on exactly how much you have drunk. Control of coordination in a person’s body can also become slower, also the ability to make important decisions. When you have been heavily drinking you will probably say things you don’t mean to as well. In conclusion, alcohol can have many short-term effects that can be dangerous to both you and people around you.

Street Names?-booze-sauce-drink-happy juice

Substitutes for using the Substance?There are substitutes for using alcohol. The First is a certain drug that scientists made that acts kind of like alcohol but, on the brain. This drug does have side effects to it though such as dizziness, weakness, and stomach aches. The only problem with this drug is that if someone uses it too much they may start to depend on it. The other option is to go do an activity with friends anything that will get your mind off of alcohol. Ding a sport and interacting with friends is a good way so they are focusing on having fun. Even sitting down and reading a book or shopping with friends can be two very good options as well. In conclusion, alcohol does have substitute even if it is not taking a medication.

Where can you go to get help in our city? Province?To get help in our city/province you can go to multiple places to help with additions or even just if you want help quitting drinking. You can go to the native alcohol and drug abuse program or the NNADAP. The Canadian alcohol and drug use monitoring survey can help see if you are having too much alcohol. You can go to a individual therapy so they focus on you. Also you can go to a group therapy, which is the same thing just with multiple people in it to. Self-help is also a good way to help yourself stop/quit drinking so much. Places that focus more on medical assistance are places that are therapy groups. In conclusion, you can go to many places that can help you with any alcohol problems.

Other Interesting Facts?Did you know beers usually have 5% of alcohol. Wines often have up to 12% of alcohol. Spirits usually have 40% of alcohol that is the most out of the three. The low risk guidelines were first given to the Canadian centre on substance abuse, (CCSA). Did you know it takes up to one hour for a person to get rid of eight-ten grams of alcohol. In this case the person would have to be weighing up to 70kg. Did you know when a person drinks heavily it often results in a “hangover”. A “hangover” can last up to eight-ten hours from the last time you had alcohol. In conclusion, there are a lot of different things you can learn about alcohol. In conclusion, there are a lot of different things you can learn about alcohol.

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