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Facts- Alcohol is a depressant- Alcohol dehydrates the brain- Liver is responsible for filtering the alcohol- 1 Hour to filter one drink

BACStands for blood alcohol content. How much alcohol is in your blood.Alcohol starts absorbing as soon as swallowed.10-12 Heartbeats until the alcohol reaches your brain.

Stats- 75% of all High School Students Drink-1/4 Of all High schoolers started at 13- 33% of all Middle Schoolers Drink- Alcoholics live 10-12 years less than avgerage people.- Teens that drink before 15 are 4x more likely to be an Alcoholic


BAC-.08 Legally drunk-DWI in N.C.-.10 Legally drunk- DWI in every state- .24 Alcohol Poisoning- .30 Coma- .40+ Death

Liquor- 80 Proof- 40% Alcohol- 100 Proof- 50% Alcohol- 200 Proof- 100% Alcohol

Laws- Legally able to drink at the age of 21- Possession- Underage drinking- DWI- driving while intoxicated- Buying for a minor- No open container in vehicle- Public Drunkenness

Alcohol In Something- One 12oz beer- 5oz Glass of wine- 1.5oz shot of liquor- All equal .5oz OF ALCOHOL

Binge Drinking- Consuming Large amounts of Alcohol in short amount of time.-Female- 4 Drinks- Males- 5 Drinks

Alcohol Poisoning- .24 BAC - Signs - Menal Confusion - Vomiting - Seizures - Coma - Slow Breathing-Symptoms - Pass Out - Hangover - Black- Out

FAS- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- Condition babies are born with when mother drinks during pregnancy.- Baby is born with learning disabilities - Maybe even become addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol Warming- One who Drinks Alcohol tends to feel warm- Blood vessels enlarge and make more blood flow to make your body feel warm


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