Alcohol problem

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Alcohol problem

The problem with alcohol by Richard Perez and Elijah Klahn

What is alcohol?

Alcohol affects everything about you in life. Physically, mentally, and social health. Some examples of physical problems are damage to the liver and alcohol withdrawal.Some examples for mental/emotional problems are that it can alter your brain chemistry, increase anxiety and stress, and if you drink alcohol while depressed it makes a vicious cycle. When you are under the influence, your social health is also being affected. You may say or text things you dont necessarily mean and this might hurt your reputation.

fermentation of yeast, sugars, or starch

Alcohol is an ingredient found in beer, wine, and liquor. It is produced by :

Dangers and consequences

Some dangers and consequences are a fine, jail, injuries, health problems, family problems, and death.

According to 51.5% of adults 18 years or older are regular drinkers

How alcohol affects your health.

According to the drug free world's website some short term effects are vomiting, headaches, upset stomach, blackouts, coma and unconsiousness

Some long term affects from alcohol, which the information comes from the same website, are nerve damage, liver disease, alcohol poisoning, cancer to the mouth and throat, malnutrition, and gastritis.

Effect of alcohol

And lastly, according to, the number of alcohol-induced deaths is 25,692

Also according to, 13.6% of adults 18 or older are infrequent drinkers. That means 35.9% are heavy or non drinkers.

Our message to our peers about alcohol is to never use it, because it will mess up your mind and body system and can even cause seriouse injuries and even death or it can cause disease.

We would like to give credit to our parents and siblings for helping us at home with this project. I'll also give credit to, and for being the source i needed for this project

credits and sources

My message

contact information

Call 877-589-4611 for help on alcoholism

FUN FACTIn Salt lake city, Utah, all restraunts are not allowed to sell alcohol with food.

tell people to stop.


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