Alcohol consuption

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Alcohol consuption

Alcohol consumption

What is it?





It's one of the most consumed legal drugs. It's the one which produces a lot of problems because it damages the brain really quickly.If you drink a lot of it, it can produce the death quickly.

1. On average people begin drinking at 13 years.2. Two glasses of wine takes about 6 minutes to reach the brain.3. The Russians 2,073,200,000 liters of vodka drink in just one year.4. An a half of kilo of grapes is required to make a bottle of wine.5. The Mexicans consume 5.5 liters of alcohol a year.6. A bottle of champagne is between 49 and 250 billion bubbles.7. Italy manufactures beverage 5050.000 tonnes a year, and makes older products and exporters in the world.8. 90% of England's population consumes alcohol, and spend about 25 billion pounds.9. Approximately 40% of violent crimes, 78% of assaults and 88% of cases of criminal damage were committed while the person is under the influence of alcohol.10. 50 or 60 milliliters of alcohol per week, it is likely that in less than five months you in the hospital waiting for a liver transplant.

10 facts that you didn't know about it

ADVANTAGES:·It creates a false sense of security, so the more introverted, "helps them interact" with others.DESADVANTAGES:·It kills neurons; causes dysfunction and cancer. Besides causing premature aging and even loss of teeth; is addictive; as consumer personality can reinforce a violent temper, their consumption causes 50% of accidents and deaths on the road.


If you don't want this happen to you,avoid it!


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