Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Not abuse of alcohol:Walking down the hall with my friends they saw a beer bottle siting on the table in the teachers lounge. They were all saying "lets go get it and drink it before they get back," but i knew that if we did we would get in huge trouble. Turning around they said do you want to go drink from the beer bottle. I stuttered for a second and answered "no I think that we should leave it there and not take it or even touch it." No I think that you are wrong all of them said. we are going to go take it and drink it are you coming. With all the pressure I said yes but when they all walked in I slipped out the door and went to get the principle(while dragging one of my greatest friends with me). When we found the principle he told us good job for not going with our other friends and drinking the beer. Latter that year we foud out that they had gone to jail for a mounth for under age drinking. Years latter in our lives we look back on that day saying"we are sure glad that we didn't go with them because they cn barly find jobs because of their under age drinking and are having a hard time finding good colloges to go to. Laughing and talking about that day we were both glad that we had never went into that room.

Abuse of alcohol:Walking by the bar to the arcade my friends thought that we should go steal a botte or 2 of beer for everyone to share. We thought we should go to the arcade first but then we could get beer and head home. When we finished in the arcade we snuck in the back of the bar. When we found the back door it was suprisingly open so we stepped right in and grabed a beer for everyone. When we got home that night we were all drunk from drinking to much my mom asked if we had a good time and we answered heck yes. She knew something was wrong because she had never heard me talk like that to her. She decided to investigate , she followed me to my room with my friends. When she got to my door she put her ear to the door andd listened for anything wierd. We didn' know that she was there and we started talking about how easy it was to steal and drink the beer from the bar. Later that night the cops showed up on our door step and we had no idea why when i answered the door they tackled me down and ran up stairs and got my friends. When they brought them down my mom walked up to me and said "this is for your own good". Years later me and my friends had gotton out of jail and we were still abusing alcohol and we started our way and they wrong path for the rest of our lives.

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Why This Is A Good Choice:This was a good choice because I didn't have to become an alcoholic and I had no brain damage from alcohol and me and my friend get to continue our lives with little worries.

Why This Is A Bad Choice:This is a bad choice because they are going to be an alcoholic for the rest of their lives and that could give them brain problems and have them start to get brain damage. It could also lead them on paths to other alcoholic things and maybe drugs.


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