Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a depressant meaning that it impairs and reduce the ability of the body to perform normal functions.The nervous system alcohol slows the rate which neurons can spend signals.

Alcohol leads to depression and suicide.

Say no to drugs and Alcohol

Neurological InpairmentReduced Sensory-alcohol affects the brain it reduces the ability to detect sound and touch and sense pain and temperaure changes.Physical impairments the control of muscles occurs in the primary motor cortex of the frontal lobe.

Neurological ImpairmentAmnesia-controls the central central nervousis impaired by alcohol the process of creating and storing memory.Emotional Dysregulation-the amygdala of the brain which is responsible emotion

Steps of alcohol processing 1.alcohol is consumed 2.alcohol is absorbed into the blood streams by the muth and stomach3.Alcohol arrives at the liver via blood stream4.ADH turns alcohol into acetaldehyde by ADH 5.ALHD convert actaldhyde into acetate by ALDH6.acetate is converted into CO2,H2O, and fatty acids by mtochondria in the liver cell


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