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Alcohol is used to relax yourself and make you feel calm, some people use alcohol to clear their mind of sad memory or thought. There are some people that use alcohol for no reason because it makes them feel cool, accepted and have friends.


Description of drug, where does it come from?Alcohol comes from "plants" (not the living thing) it is produced by fermenting and sometime distilling various fruits, vegetables or grains.

Some names are: Tummy buster JuiceHard stuffSauceHoochMoonshineVinoDraftSudsLiquid breadOats sodaTummy busterLiquid courage12 oz. curlRedneck wine

Street Names?

How is it used?

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Who uses it most often?

The ages that use in most often are ages 15-100.They use it for all kinds of things such as medicine, drink, mind eraser, etc. this is why alcohol is dangerous and you should limit your usage.

Substitutes for the substance?

(what can young people do to achieve the same result)

Young people can drinks it. To get it they can steal it, or if their parents have alcohol, they can steal it from them and put it back as soon they are done. (Parents should not have alcohol in the reach of a minor of any age).

Long term effects?

Addictions Memory lossCravingsHangovers (feel lousy)

Short term effects?

Head achesRelaxed More talkative ConfidentWarm (skin flushed)Less co-ordinatedAggressiveDepressedHave blackoutsSlur their speech Feel sleepy or less consciousMore likely to fall or get knocked downGet alcohol poisoning or dieHave slower reflexes Make more bad decision

Where can you get help in or city or province?

You can het help at there following locations:Local HospitalLocal ClinicLocal Doctor Therapy centre


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