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- Three main reasons people started alchemy was to discover an elixer called the Philpsophers stone, the manufacture of an artificial process of human life, and changing base metals into silver or gold by transmutation-From Egypt alchemy spread to Persia, Iran, India, China, Japan, Korea, Greece, and Rome.

Why Was It Important?

300BCE- Alchemy begins in Egypt 200 CE - Emperor Dioclectian orders all chemimical writings be destroyed 400 CE- The museum of Alexandria closes and library is scattered 500 CE- Alchemy resurfaces in schools

-It served to find Medicine-Led to creations of art- Was a primary hypothesis testing


-Aristotle predicted transmutation-Transmutation is changing one material into another-Became a hypothesis Alchemists put to the test for thousands of years


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How Did It Start?


Pseudo-Democritus Wrote a book about dyeing, coloring, and making gold and silverMary the JewIs remebered for the practical. She was mentioned by Zosimos. Introduced the water bath, a double-boiler which is still used today in France.ZosimosWrote 28 books dedicated to his sister. He relayed practical Information. Hermes TrismegistusAlso knows as Thrice Great Hermes. Texts attributed to him were greek translations that were from Egyptian sacred texts attributed to Thoth, who was the god of wisdom.

Famous Alchemists



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