[2014] Noah Gibson: Alchemist

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[2014] Noah Gibson: Alchemist

The Alchemist

Thre Crystal Merchant



The Pyramids of Giza

Melchizedek(The Old King)

The Church

The English Man

The Oasis



The Desert

Persue Your Personal Legend


Conflicts1. The Robber in Tarifa stole his money2. The war in the desert3. The tribe that robbed the boy of his money and had to turn into the wind to escape death4. The two men who beat him when Santiago arrived at the pyramids

Events1. Santiago making his way to Andalusia2. Santiago finding out about what his dream meant3. Santiago talking to the old king about personal legends4. Santiago decieved by a boy and was robbed in Tarifa5. Santiago working for the Crystal Merchant6. Santiago goes through the desert with the caravan7. The caravn makeing it to the oasis8. Santiago Meets Fatima

9. Santiago finds out that soldiers were going to invade the oasis10. Santiago met the Alchemist11. Santiago and the Alchemist travel to the Pyramids12. Santiago turns himself into the wind13. Santiago digs for treasure at the pyramids and finds out it was at an old church he had stayed in once in Spain14. Santiago finds his treasure at the old church



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