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alcatraz san francisco california


San Francisco, California

An island penitentiary until 1962, this prison housed San Francisco's most dangerous offenders and criminals. From tax evasion (really?!) to murder, these prisoners were transferred from prisons that could no longer handle them. The bone-chilling water surrounding the island meant that escape was treacherous. In fact, of prisoners tried to escape 14 times, only 5 survived --and they are, actually, unaccounted for. One prison break attempt almost worked, until a brave guard managed to hide the key necessary for the final step of the escapees' plans. Check out this link for more information on escape attempts.

The crazy huge seagulls on the island!

Restorative Justice

Apparently, the principle of restorative justice meant that criminals were to be re-integrated into society, rather than simply punished. The painting to the right is featured in the Alcatraz tour, as a symbol that justice does not have to be merciless. Criminals were given three square meals a day, which were healthy and prepared by chefs. Apparently the kitchen was the most dangerous room of all, as knives were often stolen as weapons. Interestingly enough, the United States puts more people in prison than any other nation (compared to other rehabilitative programs, I suppose). The most shocking fact for me was that, in the present day (2012), one out of every 10 American children has a parent who is either in prison, on probation, or on parole. Yikes.

The audio tour was narrated by former inmates!


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