Alcaline Earth Metals

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Chemical Elements

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Alcaline Earth Metals

Alkaline Earth Metals!

General Properties- They are hard and brittle metals.- They react slowly with water.- They have only two valence electrons.

Beryllium- Used in space shuttle, and splitzer space telescope.- Beryllium is in your phones, Ipods, cars and Computers also.- Beryllium is used to focus the lasers in eye sugery.

Calcium- Found in the earth's crust, and ocean at 3%.- Pure calcium metal will react violently with water and acids.

Interesting Element Facts

Alkaline Earth MetalsBeryllium, MagnesiumCalcium, StrontiumBarium, and Radium

Strontium- It can turn yellow when it is exposed in the air. - People can take in Strontium as if it were Calcium.


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