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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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Albriemm's religion will be Hinduism because it is the belief in a cycle of death and re-birth governed by karma. Compared to the Qin Dynasty,all with nature and harmony is found through compliance with law and order.Hinduism is present in everyone and everything and is worshipped in many different forms.Unlike the Han Dynasty which has taoism,confucianism,and buddhism,our empire wont believe

that the cycle of reincarnation can be overcome by attaining a state of enlightment.( the Hans which are patriarchy, we plan on having equal rights for women. Albriemm's art is written language unlike the Han Dynasty which used silk,bronze,jade,and ceramics. Our social structure will be -rulers and warriors -priests -merchants -peasants and farmers.

Albriemm's emperor is head of government, like the Han Dynasty our empire will have the emperor to be head of government. empire will have a judge (emperor), minister of justice.Similar to the Han Dynasty our empire will have prosecuting in court,jail , punishments such as fines, hard labor ect. Our currency will be a coin ,similar to the Han Dansty our empire land owners will pay tax in coin cash.

In Albriemm we will build aquaducts for irrigation.Our architectures will be very similar to the han dynasty's architectures of our buildings will be made out of wood, but special buildings will be made out of brick and stone. For our defense technology, we will build big stone and brick walls around the perimeter of our city. In addition we will have guards all around these walls with special weapons protecting these walls.






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