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Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer

Hello! My name is Albrecht Durer! I am a painter, draftsman, and writer!

Born:May 21, 1471 Died:April 6, 1528

The Apocalypse (1498)

Adam and Eve (1504)

Life of a Virgin (1500)

Large Woodcut Passion (1497-1500)

Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremburg, Germany. He was in the Northern Renaissance. He was an apprentice with his father and a local painter named Michael Wolgemut. Albrecht Durer was inspired by Michael Wolgemut to become a painter.

Once he turned thirty, Albrecht Durer was making his most famous works of art. He created independant prints as well as small self-contained groups of images.

His most famous paintings include The Apocalypse (1498), Large Woodcut Passion (1497-1500), Life of a Virgin (1500), and Adam and Eve (1504)

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